Zach Featherstone 12th Round of MLB Draft

Zach Featherstone a 21 one-year-old baseball guru has recorded high scores in the field. His moderate height of 6.2 inches and a weight of 215 pounds make him fit for his course as a player. He is well known for his best known for the left bats and throws. He plays for the GCL Twins. Zach Featherstone game has taken him places. Some of the recent games that he has participated in include those at Gulf Coast State College, Northwest Florida State College, and Chipola College among other places.

Zach Featherstone was drafters as the 363rd players of the 2016 MLB draft by the Minnesota Twins. Since at that time he registered the perfect height and weight for the league, he was drafted into the major league baseball draft from the Tallahassee community college where he has perfected his skill since then. The Minnesota Twins from which Zach Featherstone plays selected him in the 12th round of the MLB draft allowing him to take the 363rd overall score.

For the fourth time, the player played for the Grizzlies and the MLB draft in a single season. The lefty has dominated the left part of the field for the Grizzlies during the period but also featured in the baseman of the team and pitched a few innings for Tallahassee Community for two years.

It is worth noting that the MLB draft has over 40 rounds and a couple of bonus rounds. Although there is no much information provided for Zach Featherstone’s 12th round, his contributions in the previous minor leagues speak volumes. He is a player with a trademark. He is defined by his hard pull contact, right balance of the fluid stroke, his left-handed pitcher, and the secure delivery. This and many more features make Zach Featherstone stand out in his baseball and will do much better even after graduating from the minor’s league.

Zach Featherstone

Zach Featherstone is a 2014 OF/LHP with a 6-2 205 lb. frame from Charlotte, NC who attends Ardrey Kell HS.