Zach Featherstone – Who is he?

About Zach Featherstone

Zachary Featherstone, commonly known as Zach has been the talk of the baseball world for a few years now. The young player is perfect at what he does in the field, and his actions always end doing more good than harm for his team. Zach Featherstone is one of the heroic baseball players in history. He has accomplished a lot at only 23, and his profile is brilliant. He began playing baseball at the age of 20, and by 21, he career statistics were just like that of professional baseball players. Zach Featherstone has impressive starts and may soon be the all-time champion of baseball in the United States or even the whole world. He is the best pitcher and also a fantastic baseman for the Minnesota Twins team. Featherstone also played for the GCL Twins in 2015 and part of 2016 before he joined the Minnesota Twins. His exceptional skills got him signing great deals with GCL and Later on the Minnesota Twins. He is not only a player but also a strategist, leader, challenger, and fixer.

Featherstone’s second game during his time in the GCL Twins team can never be forgotten. He managed to hit the ball thrown at him and run around the four bases hence making a complete run within very few seconds. That was his second match, and no one expected that a new player would accomplish what other professional players consider impossible. The stability, speed, and strength when hitting the ball were one of the top performances the baseball world has ever witnessed. Judging by the time the fielding team collected the ball, Featherstone was too fast for his opponents, and there was no chance of tagging him out. His incredible performance made the GCL Twins outscore its opponents in all the nine innings. For a 20-year-old, that was ecstatic, and the chances are that he could become better than older baseball players who have been in the game for several years.

Zach Featherstone

Zach Featherstone is a 2014 OF/LHP with a 6-2 205 lb. frame from Charlotte, NC who attends Ardrey Kell HS.