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About Zach Featherstone

Baseball is one the popular sports in US and you can’t talk about the game without including all-time best player Zack Featherstone. Zack has won many titles, and achieved a lot of successes in the game that many player might find it hard to fit in his shoes. He graduated from Ardrey Kell High school in 2014, and started at North Carolina State. Zack decided to transfer after some time, and he choose to cross over to Florida to join Tallahassee Community College where he was very active in playing baseball. Featherstone later decided to commit, and join Grizzlier team mates at the UNC-Charlotte.

Since then, Zach has had successful seasons at Grizzlier helping the team to win various titles, and as a player being awarded for his hard work, and commitment in the game. The 210 –pound, 6-foof-1 player has been playing at the left field most of the times, but the sometimes he also plays in the middle or help attackers. Zach many fans believe is an overall player since in all positions he has been able to play, he provides an excellent performance.

What has been the motivation behind Zack’s performance?

Zach has not been shy of speaking about his Baseball career, and he been in various TV, and Radio interviews, where he has opened up his life story in the game. Featherstone in most of the interviews, he has been saying his family was the key motivation. His family members are his biggest fans in the world, and they have been with him since he started playing till today. Hard work, training, and passion to the game is another secret to Zach’s success.

Featherstone message to upcoming baseball players

Many fans will have to accept the fact that Zach cannot be in the game forever at some point he will retire, and give other players a chance to play. However, Zach thinks the fans have nothing to worry about, since there are so many talented players who might be better than him. In an interview with one of the US dailies, Zach confirmed to be working on mentoring young baseball players.

Zach Featherstone

Zach Featherstone is a 2014 OF/LHP with a 6-2 205 lb. frame from Charlotte, NC who attends Ardrey Kell HS.